Bacterial Infections

When in 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in a discarded petri dish, he changed the way in which bacterial infections would be treated from then on. It took another ten years for penicillin to be developed into a usable medication and what was to become seen by many as the most important medical discovery of the twentieth century.

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Whilst many bacterial infections resolve themselves of their own accord there are some, which, if left untreated can result in serious complications and sometimes even prove fatal.  Many of us forget that until the Twentieth Century and Fleming’s accidental discovery it was possible for you people to die from an infected scratch. It’s hard to believe, but makes us realise how far we have come in the treatment of bacterial infections in the last hundred years.

Now there are many different types of antibiotic medications available for a variety of conditions ranging from infections of the skin to infections of the urinary tract to infections of the teeth and gums.

Consultation and Private Prescription

At Private Doctor Direct we are able to supply many of these treatments to you after a short online consultation with one of our doctors. This service provides you with quick and easy access to treatment with the knowledge that you have ben diagnosed by a medical professional. Our next day delivery service also means that it is almost certainly quicker to get medication from us than it is to wait for an appointment to see your GP.