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Invicorp is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction, that is of moderate severity or severe.  Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is the condition of not being able to get or maintain an erection sufficient to enable satisfying sexual relationships.

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What is the medicine, Invicorp?

Invicorp, which comprises two active components: phentolamine mesylate and aviptadil. Phentolamine is in a class of drugs known as alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists and aviptadil is a neuropeptide. Both phentolamine and aviptadil act on the blood vessels, specifically the muscle in their walls that direct blood to and from the penis. These medicines cause the muscles to relax, which opens the blood vessels. The effect of phentolamine increases the blood flow into the penis, while the effect of aviptadil reduces the flow of blood out. Their combined effect means that blood collects in the penis.


How you take Invicorp

Invicorp is an injection given into the penis. This medicine is a fluid provided in ampoules (an autoinjector that is already filled with medicine and delivers one dose may be available in the future). The usual dose of Invicorp is aviptadil 25 μg and phentolamine 2 mg to be injected once a day only (as required), using all the solution in the syringe. You should not use more than three injections a week.


Use the injections in the way that your doctor has explained to you. You will learn how to prepare and administer the injection, and what to do after giving it. The injection is given into the shaft of the penis, usually near the base, avoiding blood vessels and urinary tract. The medicine does not take effect immediately and you will likely need sexual stimulation before attaining an erection capable of sexual intercourse. An erection is usually maintained for about one hour. Seek medical attention immediately if your erection is painful, persists for more than 4 hours, or you use more than you should.


Who can take Invicorp?

Men who are 18 years or older and have erectile dysfunction can use Invicorp. It is not for women, children or adolescents.


Do not use Invicorp if you have an allergy to aviptadil or phentolamine or any of its other constituents. Let your doctor know if you have/have had cancer of the blood (leukaemia) or bone (multiple myeloma), sickle cell anaemia, stroke, heart or lung disease, or a mental health problem; if you have been told to abstain from sex due to your health; and if your penis is abnormal (e.g., Peyronie’s disease) or has an implant. Also mention any current/ or recent medicines that you are or were taking, or are thinking of taking. Specifically, mention anticoagulant (blood thinners) therapy and if you are using other treatments for erectile dysfunction.


Side effects of Invicorp

A temporary mild flushing of the face and upper body is most commonly reported with Invicorp. Your penis may also be bruised at the site of injection (especially if you hit a blood vessel), but the injection is rarely painful. Used repeatedly, small nodules may appear on the penis. Uncommonly, some men experience dizziness, headache, or a rapid or abnormal heart beat. On very rare occasions, men have reported a painful and long-lasting erection, heart or chest pain, heart attack, and breathing problems. Stop the injections and contact your doctor immediately if you experience any penile or heart problems or a matter of concern.


Why choose Invicorp?

Invicorp appears not only to be an effective treatment for patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, but has the advantages of being highly effective in men who have failed with other treatments or who cannot tolerate other treatments because of their other health conditions, and fewer side effects. A recently reported analysis of 700 men with erectile dysfunction revealed that 81% of men responded to treatment with Invicorp, achieving satisfactory sexual performance including an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Notably, Invicorp was effective in over 80% of men who had stopped other treatments for erectile dysfunction because they were ineffective or due to side effects or other problems. The most frequently reported side effect was facial flushing.

A Free Consultation with our GP is available for this condition
On Diagnosis, treatments are sent direct to you
by our pharmacy using Next-Day delivery!