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Qsiva is the European brand name for the drug Qsymia.  Qsymia is an appetite suppressant, which has been approved for use in the United States, but has, so far, been rejected by the European Medicines Agency. A new application is likely to be made again soon for European approval.

The drug was developed by the pharmaceutical company Vivus, which is based in North America. It is unlikely that Qsymia will get European approval before 2015. Qsymia works by reducing appetite and allowing the person taking it to feel satisfied with a smaller amount of food. Qsymia is supplied as a capsule and the patient takes one of these daily.

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How does Qsiva work?

The active ingredients in Qsiva are topiramate and phentermine.

Topiramate is an epilepsy treatment and has recently also been prescribed as a treatment for preventing migraines.

Until about ten years ago Phentermine was a commonly prescribed treatment for weight loss, until there were concerns raised about its long-term impact on patients’ health and the possibility that it might be addictive. It is no longer generally prescribed in the UK as a slimming treatment, though a few clinics do give it to patients on a very short-term basis. In the USA, however, it remains the most commonly prescribed weight-loss treatment.

Topiramate works on receptors in the brain, which make you feel full after eating, and Phentermine causes the brain to release a hormone, which reduces the patient’s appetite.

Is Qsiva effective?

Qsiva has had excellent results in treating overweight and obese patients.

The EQUIP trials lased for 56 weeks, 1267 obese patients took part and the results were as follows:

  • The average result for a patient taking a full strength dose of Qsiva saw a loss of 14.7% of total body weight.
  • 84% of patients who were taking the highest dose of Qsiva lost 5% or more of their total body weight and 59% of those who were taking the lower dose of Qsiva achieved the same result.
  • The average weight loss for the patients taking the high dose of Qsiva was 37 pounds and those taking the lower dose lost 18 pounds. The placebo group had an average loss of 6 pounds.

Does Qsiva have side effects?

All prescription medications can cause side effects and Qsiva is no different.

The most commonly reported side effects reported by patients taking Qsiva were constipation, altered taste, tingling sensations, dry mouth and insomnia.

There were, however, no reported issues with depression, mood or suicidal feelings.

Is Qsiva available in the UK?

Qsiva is not available in the UK and can only be bought in the USA through certain physicians. It Qsiva gets a licence in Europe then it may become available in the UK in 2015.

A Free Consultation with our GP is available for this condition
On Diagnosis, treatments are sent direct to you
by our pharmacy using Next-Day delivery!