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What is Vitaros?

Vitaros is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction (a condition that is also known as impotence or ED).  Erectile dysfunction is the medical term for the condition when a man cannot get or maintain an erection for long enough to reach orgasm.

Vitaros is a topical medication, which means that it is applied to the area needing to be treated, in this case the penis.

Vitaros contains the active ingredient alprostadil, a medication that belongs to a family known as prostaglandins. It works by widening the blood vessels in the penis, which allows more blood to flow into it, something that is required to cause an erection. Vitaros also contains another active ingredient called a permeation enhancer, which helps deliver the medication into the bloodstream.

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Is Vitaros available online?

Vitaros has been licensed to be sold in the UK and is now available to prescribe. Vitaros is available through Private Doctor Direct for next day delivery.

How should I use Vitaros?

You should always use any medication as advised by your own doctor. Vitaros is supplied in a container, which contains a single dose. There are two doses available, 2mg per gram and 3mg per gram. Your doctor will decide which dose is suitable for you. You should only use one dose of Vitaros in any 24 hour period and it should not be used more than three times in any one week.

Before applying Vitaros cream, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Remove the medication from its sachet. Hold the penis upright in one hand and pull back the foreskin and widen the opening of the penis with the other. Push down the plunger and expel the cream into the opening of the penis. Hold the penis upright for thirty seconds to allow the cream to penetrate. Any cream that does not go into the opening of the penis can be rubbed into the tip of the penis.

You should wash your hands again after administering the medication. An erection should occur within five to thirty minutes after Vitaros has been administered. The erection should last between one and two hours.

Can I use Vitaros?

Any adult male suffering with erectile dysfunction, who is aged eighteen or over can use Vitaros.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not be exposed to the medication, so men who are using Vitaros should wear a condom if their sexual partner falls into either of these categories.

You should make a full disclosure of your medical history to your doctor before you are prescribed Vitaros.

You should not use Vitaros is you are allergic to any of its active ingredients, if you have any diseases of the blood vessels, coronary disease, any kind of blood disorder, bone marrow cancer, leukemia, or if you have ever had a heart attack or a stroke.

You should not use Vitaros if you have any abnormality of the penis, an infection of the penis, if you have been advised not to have sex or if you suffer with a disorder which might cause an a long- lasting erection

Does Vitaros cause any side effects?

All prescription medications have the potential to cause side effects. The most common side effects experienced by patients taking Vitaros include pain at the site of application. Less commonly a patient may experience: faintness; dizziness; and an increased heart rate.

A Free Consultation with our GP is available for this condition
On Diagnosis, treatments are sent direct to you
by our pharmacy using Next-Day delivery!