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Zomig is used to relieve the symptoms of migraine headache.


What is the medicine, Zomig?

Zomig contains the medicine zolmitriptan. It is in the class of medicines known as 5HT1B/1D-receptor agonists, and is labelled a triptan. Migraines are believed to be the result of widening of the blood vessels in the brain, causing unpleasant symptoms such as headache, nausea, and light/noise sensitivity. These symptoms may be controlled by Zomig that acts like a chemical naturally found in the brain called serotonin (5HT). Zomig causes narrowing of the blood vessels, returning them to normal, thus relieving symptoms of migraine.

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How you take Zomig

Zomig has been formulated in three different ways, namely as a 2.5 mg tablet, a 2.5 mg or 5 mg orodispersible (Rapimelt) tablet, and as a 5 mg nasal spray. Regardless of the preparation, Zomig should be taken once the migraine headache begins (not beforehand) but it can be taken later as long as you still have the headache. Generally, one tablet is swallowed (not chewed) with water; or one orodisperible tablet is put on the tongue, where it is allowed to dissolve, and then swallowed with your saliva; or the nasal spray is sprayed once into one nostril only.


Talk to your doctor about which preparation is best for you, and what action to take if the symptoms return or the medicine has no effect. Whichever you use, this medicine can only be taken twice in one 24-hour period. After a first dose, a second can be taken after 2 hours if you still have a migraine or if the migraine returns within 24 hours. Get advice if you take more than you should, over 10 mg in 24 hours, or if Zomig does not provide relief.


Who can take Zomig?

Zomig is for adults who are 18–65 years of age and suffering migraine headache. It is not for individuals who have an allergy to it or to any of its other formulation ingredients (note that tablets contain lactose and orodispersible tablets contain aspartamine). You may also not be able to take Zomig if you have high blood pressure, one or more heart complications, liver disease, have ever suffered a major or mini stroke, or experience other types of headaches. Your doctor must also know if you have risk factors for heart disease, including a family history of heart problems, and that you smoke, or have high blood pressure, diabetes, or a raised blood cholesterol level.


Other medications that you are taking may also influence your doctor’s choice of treatment. Mention all medicines that you recently took or currently take, especially those used to treat migraine (including other triptans or types of anti-migraine medicine), depression (including non-prescription medicines and St John’s Wort), stomach problems (cimetidine), and infection (quinolone antibiotics). Pregnant and breastfeeding women should inform the doctor of their circumstances so risk to their baby can be assessed.


Side effects of Zomig

Common side effects are generally mild and temporary. These include drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, headaches, skin sensitivity, dry mouth, feeling or being sick, stomach ache, palpitations, and heavy or tight feelings. When taken by nasal spray, Zomig may cause a disturbance in taste and your nose to be itchy and sensitive. A few people experience a very fast heartbeat, a rise in blood pressure, and wanting to urinate more often. Very rarely, allergic reactions (i.e., itch, rash, and swollen facial features), chest pain or heart attack, stomach pain or diarrhoea with blood, and stroke are reported.

A Free Consultation with our GP is available for this condition
On Diagnosis, treatments are sent direct to you
by our pharmacy using Next-Day delivery!